Skills and resources to produce supplements and medical devices in harmony with nature

Pharmaluce S.r.l. is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of high quality and advanced food supplements and medical devices.

Founded in 2008 within the Erbozeta SpA group, in the Republic of San Marino, Pharmaluce distinguished itself on the market thanks to therapeutic solutions able to offer added value for the wellbeing and health of its patients, in the prevention and treatment of pathologies with greater social impact: from hypertension, to diabetes, to obesity, to mood disorders and insomnia.

Pharmaluce è un’azienda a vocazione specialistica che ha i suoi punti di forza in:



Thanks to a production site of 2700 m2, designed following the highest quality standards and the most advanced technology with criteria similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry (with ISO 13485 certification and GMP certification).



Thanks to the care, attention and passion dedicated to all phases of our products: from Research and Development with the selection of highly titled, patented and clinically validated raw materials, to the selection of a substantial scientific literature, to the Industrialization process of the product; Including also all the choices of marketing and promotion / training of health workers thanks to the support of highly qualified personnel.



Thanks to an entrepreneurial and managerial system able to adapt its business model to markets and international environments. This has allowed Pharmaluce to expand its business in more than 60 countries worldwide, becoming a reference point on the market of food supplements and medical devices at national and international level.

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